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Note: For the purpose of this presentation, the images were converted from 16-bit tif files (approx. 100 meg, 4200x4200) to 8-bit jpg files (approx. 1.5 meg, 1000x1000). The original files are therefore of much higher depth and resolution.
California Nebula
Andromeda Galaxy
Pinwheel Galaxy
NGC 281
Pacman Nebula Cassiopeia

Sharpless 155
Cave Nebula
North American Neb
Rosette Nebula
Pelican Nebula
IC 443
NGC 2264
Cone Nebula

IC 405
Flaming Star Nebula

Credits: All images are based on photographic data obtained using the Oschin Schmidt Telescope on Palomar Mountain. The Oschin Schmidt Telescope is operated by the California Institute of Technology and Palomar Observatory. The Digitized Sky Survey was produced at the Space Telescope Science Institute (ST ScI) under U.S. Government grant NAG W-2166."